Dunedin, Fla.

         For as long as I can remember the Fenway hotel in Dunedin Florida has been empty.


Sitting on waterfront property, the Fenway stands out among the well kept properties surrounding it on Edgewater Drive.

The Fenway Hotel was built in the 1920’s and was a hotel catering to the rich and famous till the 1950’s. It later became trinity college in 1961 and was Schiller international university by 1991 ( propco real estate )

The historic hotel was bought back in 2006 by George Rahdert. He had plans to restore the building but ultimately fell through, landing the hotel in foreclosure with several more years sitting abandoned (St Petersburg times 2012 )

The Hotel has had to be baby sat by the police from vandals for years, costing the city money and the officers time.  While many have come forward wishing to buy the property, all deals have fallen short until recently. It looks like a father-daughter real estate developer team has reached an agreement to purchase the hotel.

Unfortunately, it seems the pair are not planing on restoring the property and instead are opting to all but demolish the hotel and start a new with some “1920’s like” high end hotel. (Tampa bay times 2014)

My question is: Why destroy a beautiful building  with irreplaceable architecture and such a strong historic background, only to replace it with a cheaper look-a-like?

Obviously there’s money involved, the restoration project for the Fenway could cost more than double its asking price of $3.9 million.  ( loopnet )

While it’s not the first time a group has come forth to buy the Fenway, it looks like this is a done deal.

We can only hope that they choose to preserve portions of the building and showcase it in its glory as a historic monument in the very cool town of Dunedin.


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